Simple Eats 5/6
May 5, 2017
Simple Eats 5/6

Hi Everyone! Welcome to this week’s Simple Eats!

May is beginning of Farmer’s Market season so we are going to focus on local superfood’s all month long. We have all heard the term ‘Superfood’ before, but you might be wondering what the difference between an ordinary food and a superfood is. It’s very simple – a superfood is a very nutrient-dense food that is especially beneficial for one’s health and wellbeing.

This coming week we will be focusing on the following locally-grown superfoods:

Rhubarb: Starting back in the 16th century, Rhubarb was grown in China solely for medicinal purposes. It later gained popularity as a food source in the 19th century.

Spinach: Fresh spinach has the highest amount of nutritional value. Each passing day it losing a bit of nutritional value. That’s just another reason why you should buy it straight from the farmer at your local farmer’s market!

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See you in the kitchen!