Simple Eats, 4/8
April 7, 2017
Simple Eats, 4/8

Welcome back to Simple Eats!

April’s theme is about how we should fuel and refuel our bodies according to our standard level of physical activity, our exercise routines and the goals we have. Last week we shared a really simple and tasty pre workout snack, frozen banana coins (which is also one of my favorite quick-fix breakfasts). We also created a healthified monster cookie packed full of plant-based protein for an after workout refuel – if you haven’t already, add us on Snapchat at ARVAmethod for all recipe creations!

This week we will be focusing on the following ingredients:

Oranges – As we all know oranges are a great sources of Vitamin C and dietary fiber. It’s also the last month they are in season, so let’s stock up and taken advantage of those ripe oranges.

Maple Syrup – Maple syrup isn’t necessary something you would consider a ‘healthy’ ingredient, but it is a healthier ingredient than regular cane sugar. It’s has a lower glycemic index score than cane sugar meaning it has a lessened effect on our blood sugar. It also has small amounts of antioxidants and minerals, which it’s counter-part cane sugar, does not. It’s also a more natural and less processed ingredient than cane sugar or artificial sweeteners.

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See you in the kitchen!