Simple Eats, 3/3
March 3, 2017
Simple Eats, 3/3

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to this week’s Simple Eats! It’s now officially March so we will be shifting gears with our monthly and weekly theme.

In February we focused on easy and packable lunches for the person working 9-5p, the student, the busy family or anyone who can’t find the time everyday to sit down and prepare a fresh and nutritious lunch. Each week we introduced a new dietary theory and gave recipes that followed that dietary theory’s rules and regulations. Easy, quick and packable lunches are accessible to everyone! No matter what diet you’re following or what food sensitivities you may have.

In March we will be shifting our focus to snacks. Snacks are so important and often times overlooked when one is planning their weekly meals or their nutritional goals. Snacks hold you over from one meal to the next so you aren’t famished and then end up overeating. Snacks can add vital nutrients to your daily consumption. Snacks give you energy. All of this is true only if you’re eating the right snacks. Sugary and empty-calorie snacks will not hold you over, they will not provide you any nutrients, and they will not give you sustainable energy. This month we will be focusing on easy, packable and nutritious snacks. We are going to show you how snacking should be done!

This week we will focus on the following ingredients:

Flaxseed: flexseed is a great source of heart healthy omega-3s. Flaxseed is also made up of 29% carbs, but of that 29% carbs 95% is fiber!

Almonds: Almonds are a wonderful snack because since they are so nutritionally rich they are known for reducing hunger and aiding in weight loss. Almonds lower blood sugar levels, reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. The saying really should be, “A handful of almonds a day keeps the doctors away!”.

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See you in the kitchen!