Simple Eats, 2/11
February 11, 2017
Simple Eats, 2/11

Welcome back to Simple Eats!

I hope you guys enjoyed our Vegan packable lunches from last week! Many people think a vegan diet is too restrictive and might eliminate all tasty options for a balanced meal. I hope we proved the skeptics wrong with our vegetable fritters and avocado cucumber nori rolls.

This week we are going to focus on packable paleo lunch recipes. For those of you are are unfamiliar, a paleo diet (AKA caveman diet) consists of food that only a caveman would be able to eat back in the day. This diet includes meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, excluding dairy, grains and processed foods.

We will be focusing on the following ingredients:

Chicken Breast – Did you know that just 3 oz. of chicken breast contains up to 27g of proteins and containing all the amino acids essential for human health?! Stay tuned for a simple, fun and delicious paleo chicken recipe.

Tuna – Tuna is also great for you. Tuna has very high levels of omega-3 fatty acids which promotes health in your arteries and blood vessels.

Like always, keep an eye on our Snapchat feed for a recipe creation. All completed recipes and pictures will be posted on our Facebook and Instagram. Find us @ARVAmethod !

See you in the kitchen!