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Simple Eats 5/13
May 12, 2017

Hi friends! Welcome back to this week’s Simple Eats! Last week we took a closer look at Rhubarb and Spinach and their superfood characteristics. In the kitchen we created a cauliflower-spinach bake and overnight rhubarb oats. Both recipes were absolutely successful and delicious. This week we will continue to focus on locally grown superfoods. Our […]

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Simple Eats, 4/22
April 17, 2017

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to this week’s Simple Eats and the LAST week of April! This will be the last week we focus on pre and post work out meals. Last week we created the delicious and high protein cottage cheese salad, as well as, the simple but always satisfying fried egg avocado toast. This […]

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Simple Eats, 4/8
April 7, 2017

Welcome back to Simple Eats! April’s theme is about how we should fuel and refuel our bodies according to our standard level of physical activity, our exercise routines and the goals we have. Last week we shared a really simple and tasty pre workout snack, frozen banana coins (which is also one of my favorite […]

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Simple Eats, 4/1
March 30, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome back to Simple Eats! Wow, it’s April! It’s time for a new Simple Eats theme. In March we focused on how to snack, and provided you with snack recipes to keep you satiated and on track with your nutritional plan. This month we will be focusing on how to eat to maximize […]

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Eating The Planet | how our food choices effect the environment
February 5, 2017

In the past decade, diets and eating trends have exploded in the american mainstream. Everyone is trying something new or has some kind sensitivity to a common food. Our lives have begun to revolve around the management of our eating habits as we become more obsessed and invested in our own, and our families diets. […]

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The Gift of Gratitude
November 6, 2016

Each morning when we wake, our mood and vision for the coming day significantly impacts our interactions and perspective. Whatever lens we choose to look through affect the outcome in every situation. Most days we don’t even realize that we are viewing the world through our own lens. We don’t recognize that we have the […]

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Fall into Balance
October 9, 2016

The sun is still shinning and the weather has been pleasant, but a chill is in the air. The days are growing shorter and shorter and the seasons are surely changing. All of these elements require a shift in habit. We are indeed creatures living in rhythm with the world around us. We need to […]

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Keeping your food close | how to get the most out of farmers markets
August 3, 2016

How to use Farmer’s Market Foods Summer is Farmers Market season and with over 60 options of farmers markets to attend in Chicago, you should be able to find one that is convenient to you.  By shopping at farmer’s markets you’ll be adding variety and nutrition to your meals as well as supporting small family […]

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Lets take this outside! Yoga
July 10, 2016

In the Midwest we wait most of the year for summer to arrive and can’t get enough of it when it does.  Our senses bathe in bright colors, natural sounds, fresh air, and the delight of bare skin in warm sunshine.  Our bodies move freely and openly without hunching in reaction to the cold; layers […]

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Nature is the Cure
July 4, 2016

We have reached the height of summer and there is nothing that heals the body and mind more than spending time in the sunshine and opened air. Numerous scientific studies have shown that spending even a short amount of time outside in nature can have a dramatic effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing. One […]

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