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Simple Eats, 3/3
March 3, 2017

Hi Everyone! Welcome to this week’s Simple Eats! It’s now officially March so we will be shifting gears with our monthly and weekly theme. In February we focused on easy and packable lunches for the person working 9-5p, the student, the busy family or anyone who can’t find the time everyday to sit down and […]

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Simple Eats, 2/25
February 25, 2017

Welcome back to Simple Eats! Last week we focused on packable vegetarian lunches. Our snapchat story showed the Cauliflower Buffalo Wings recipe creation and we also posted a delicious Baked Portobello Fry recipe. Both recipes healthified a classic american-style dish. Both recipes are arguably better than their original (and not-so-nutritous) counter-part. This week, the tail […]

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Simple Eats, 2/18
February 18, 2017

Hello and welcome back to Simple Eats! This past week we experimented with different paleo packable lunches. My favorite was the coconut crusted chicken tenders. They were absolutely delicious and SO simple to make. Also, it’s always fun to create a healthified version of one of your favorite childhood meals. This week we will be shifting our […]

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Simple Eats, 2/11
February 11, 2017

Welcome back to Simple Eats! I hope you guys enjoyed our Vegan packable lunches from last week! Many people think a vegan diet is too restrictive and might eliminate all tasty options for a balanced meal. I hope we proved the skeptics wrong with our vegetable fritters and avocado cucumber nori rolls. This week we […]

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Eating The Planet | how our food choices effect the environment
February 5, 2017

In the past decade, diets and eating trends have exploded in the american mainstream. Everyone is trying something new or has some kind sensitivity to a common food. Our lives have begun to revolve around the management of our eating habits as we become more obsessed and invested in our own, and our families diets. […]

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Simple Eats, 2/4
February 3, 2017

Hi everyone! Welcome back to this Simple Eats. As you probably know by now, February’s theme is Pack Your Lunch! Each week we will be providing different recipes from different dietary theories. Last week we posted a few low-carb recipes that are perfect to prep and pack for lunch. We made the cauliflower “bread” sticks […]

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Simple Eat, 1/28
January 28, 2017

Hi! Welcome back to this week’s Simple Eats! I hope you all enjoyed and reaped some benefits from our January Simple Eat’s theme – Time to Detox. This week, we begin February. A new month brings a new theme. This month we will be focusing on healthy, low carb and packable lunches. Lunches you can […]

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Simple Eats, 1/21
January 20, 2017

Hello Friends! Welcome back to Simple Eats. It’s the last full week of January. With the end of January coming, it brings the end of our Time to Detox recipes. We have saved some delicious recipes for this last week. Though those Golden Cinnamon and Turmeric energy bites from last week will definitely be hard […]

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Simple Eats, 1/14
January 14, 2017

Hi Everyone! Welcome back to Simple Eats! It’s the third week of January and we are still going strong on the Time to Detox theme. How did you enjoy last week’s detoxifying recipes? I created the golden turmeric latte on snapchat for you guys on Monday, and everyday since then I have been treating myself […]

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Simple Eats, 1/7
January 5, 2017

Hi Friends! Welcome back to Simple Eats! Last week we made a wonderful sunrise detox smoothie and a delicious minty pea dip. It was a great to start to our Time to Detox January! In addition to these delicious detoxifying recipes, be sure to be drinking tons of water everyday! Water is the most beneficial […]

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