About Us

The ARVAmethod

At ARVAmethod we offers a full-spectrum of wellness methods that are designed to integrate into each individual’s lifestyle. We believe that your health and your schedule do not have to be at odds. Through a customized combination of wellness methods and practices we help our clients build and sustain a lifestyle of wellness through self-awareness and empowerment. Our progressive care model is designed to grow with you as you become more knowledgeable and independent on your path to better health.

Our Mission

Through individualized evaluation and assessment, we help our clients have a better understanding and knowledge of their physical health and a sense of direction upon which to make improvements.


Through the development of personal physiological awareness we help our clients make integrative lifestyle changes that will be sustainable and improve their health and wellbeing progressively.


To bring the essence of the true value of sustained health and wellness to the forefront of our goals with each client and move in the direction of internal strength and away from external image.


To be an example of the lifestyle that we offer to our clients. To make personal wellbeing an integral part of our practice and to keep self-awareness at the forefront of our lives and the propulsion behind our focus as practitioners.

The ARVAmethod Team

Arrabella Schippers MMT, CPT, CHC

Founder and CEO

Arrabella Schippers has been studying holistic health and wellness nearly her entire life. Growing up, her mother suffered from a debilitating autoimmune condition called Lyme disease. As a child, Arrabella watched her mother endure chronic pain, numerous surgeries, and other health complications that drove Arrabella to begin researching health and medicine as soon as she could read. All of this combine with her intrinsic nature to help those in need led Arrabella on a lifelong journey into the study of healing arts and sciences.

While studying human biology at Grand Valley State University, Arrabella duel enrolled at the Blue Heron Academy of Natural Healing Science. In 2005 she earned her certification in medical and sports massage therapy then went on to earn her advanced certification in medical manual therapy. In 2006 she earned her certification in personal training and functional exercise from the American Council on Exercise as well as a certification in clinical nutrition from BHA. Arrabella also studied Traditional Chinese Medicine at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2011 before leaving the program to focus on her growing client base. In 2015, she was part of the second graduating class of the SOMA Institute’s health and wellness coaching program. She has been a professional provider of holistic health, fitness, and nutrition since 2006.

Arrabella created the ARVAmethod to help make holistic health and fitness accessible and sustainable for anyone. She is a dedicated professional committed to providing the best quality of care and service. Her goal is to make prevention the new primary care and guide individuals on their journey of better health and wellbeing.


Memberships and Certifications

  • American Council on Exercise – Certified personal trainer
  • American Council on Exercise – Certified sports nutrition specialist
  • State of Illinois – Licensed massage therapist
  • National Certification Board of Therapeutic Bodywork and Massage – Nationally certified provider of professional continuing education
  • American Heart Association – HeartSaver AED and CPR certified for healthcare professionals
  • International Coaching Federation – Professional member health and wellness coach
  • World Traditional Federation of Tang Soo Do – Sa Bum Nim 3rd degree Dan 17296
  • The Soma Institute – Certified Health and Wellness
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